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Verkhnedvinsk Regional Executive Committee
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7 May 2021

FM: Belarus may retaliate against European business if new sanctions are imposed

If Western countries impose new sanctions, Belarus may take symmetric and asymmetric measures, including against European business, Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei told the media, BelTA has learned.

The minister explained that the sanctions topic is still on the agenda because it is actively promoted by "fugitive Belarusian criminals self-exiled in some Western countries." He said he is dismayed at the high cynicism of those who call for sanctions and say that they allegedly will not affect the welfare of people in Belarus and that these measures are allegedly wanted by workers themselves.

"Such things will not go unanswered," the minister assured. According to him, the retaliatory measures have been prepared, in case new sanctions are imposed, and they will be "asymmetric and adequate to the developing situation".

He noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is discussing this topic with European colleagues and communicates Belarus' position to them. "Unfortunately, it is not always perceived. But I am convinced that sooner or later common sense, logic will prevail and our partners will understand what is behind the calls of the fugitive criminals to impose even greater sanctions against their people," Vladimir Makei said.

Vladimir Makei also commented on whether the retaliatory sanctions envisage measures targeting business. “These sanctions will be both symmetric and asymmetric. They will include possible measures targeting European companies operating in Belarus. Many people on the internet say that by imposing retaliatory sanctions, the Belarusian authorities shoot themselves in the foot, and so on, and so forth. However, no one will shoot themselves in the foot, or head, of heart, or anywhere else. We analyze all possible scenarios and will not allow our retaliatory measures to hinder the country's economic development or affect the living standards of Belarusians,” the minister stressed.