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Verkhnedvinsk Regional Executive Committee
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20 January 2020

Most forestry roads in 2019 were built in the Vitebsk region

Organizations of the Ministry of Forestry in 2019 built and commissioned 17 forestry roads with a total length of 102.5 km (with the assignment of 100 km).

The most expensive things appeared in the Vitebsk region - in Begoml, Gorodok, Lepel, Orsha, Polotsk, Postavy and Ushach forestries. Their total length is 40.9 km.


In the Brest region, 22 km of forestry roads were built (Drogichinsky, Polessky leshozes), in Mogilev - 14.1 km (Bykhovsky, Cherikovsky leshozes), in Grodno - 8.8 km (Smorgonsky experimental forestry), in Minsk - 8.4 km (Kletsky, Pukhovichi forestry enterprises), in Gomel - 8.3 km (Oktyabrsky, Lelchitsky forestry enterprises).


The volume of construction of forestry roads is regulated by the current state program "Belarusian Forest". The increase in the length of the transport network in the forest is due to the need to master the growing forest calculations, timely forest work and measures to combat forest diseases and pests.


Only ten thousand years of leshozes in the country laid about a thousand kilometers of forestry roads. According to the results of the current five-year plan (2016–2020), at least 500 km should be commissioned.