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Verkhnedvinsk Regional Executive Committee
Main / Social sphere / Education


The education system of the Verkhnedvinsk region unites 22 secondary schools and 22 children’s preschool establishments. An out-of-school activity centre functions in the region as well. Some 211 artistic, technical and moral-aesthetic hobby groups enrol 2 thousand 582 pupils. There is also a developmental education and rehabilitation centre and a social shelter in the region.

All secondary and basic schools of the region offer specialist programmes, so senior school students could choose their future profession.

Verkhnedvinsk secondary school #3 offers multi-specialist programmes, where students choose subjects on their own. The school has basic, gymnasium and lyceum classes.

There are musical and choir classes for the children studying subjects of the musical-aesthetic cycle at Verkhnedvinsk secondary school #2. It helps train them better for the art and culture professions they are going to enter in the future.

The Verkhnedvinsk-based secondary schools offer training courses to senior pupils to prepare them for entering establishments of higher education. For this purpose the schools invite teaching staff from the Polotsk State University and the Polotsk Pedagogical College. The schools also concluded cooperation agreements with the Academy of Belarus’ Interior Ministry, the Command-Engineering Institute of the Emergencies Ministry of Belarus and the Vitebsk Academy of Veterinary Science.