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The Verkhnedvinsk region is one of the most picturesque places in the north-west of the Republic of Belarus. The border with the neighbouring states and territories of the country – the Miory, Polotsk and Rossony regions – mostly runs along rivers and brooks and crosses lakes, what makes landscapes look special.

The area of the region is 2140 square kilometres. Its biggest part lays within the bounds of the Polotsk lowland; the Osveya lowland is located in the north and an edge of the Latgalian upland – in the west. The region boasts the following minerals: peat, loam, dolomitized limestone, sapropel and mineral water. In terms of density of river network the region takes one of the leading positions in Belarus. The Western Dvina and its feeders run via its territory. Lake Osveya is the biggest one among 25 lakes of the region. It is the second biggest lake of Belarus. Its total area is 5.3 thousand hectares. The biggest swamps – Osveya, Krupets, Tyatno and Krevniki.

The highest point of the region – 191,8 meters above sea level – is located to the west of the village of Gorodilovichi.