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The agricultural branch takes a leading position in the region in the number of the employed able-bodied citizens and production volumes. There are 15 agricultural companies in the region. The agro-industrial complex unites nine agricultural-production cooperative societies and six municipal unitary production agricultural companies.

The regional agricultural companies specialise in milk and meat, grain, potato, flax and colza production.

In 2005-2006 three settlements were transformed into agro-towns in the region – Shaiterovo, Leonisheno and Prudniki. In 2007 the agro-town Osveya was developed.

The following settlements will be transformed into agro-towns:

2008 – Nurovo, Sarya
2009 – Kokhanovichi, Borkovichi
2010 – Bigosovo, Belkovshchina, Sokolovshchina